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Welcome To Plants + passion

Plants + Passion was born from a love of both herbal medicine and energy medicine. Here at P + P we will bring you special potions, healing elixirs, comforting teas and an experience whereby you find a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

Flower essences are Mother Nature’s healing energy. They are gentle yet powerful and contain a high frequency vibrational energy which assists in bringing your body, mind and spirit back into alignment.  Add a few drops or sprays to your day to start peeling back those emotional layers and removing energetic blockages.

Flower essences are not essential oils. They contain no scent but instead the highest level of vibrational energy of the plant. It is that vibrational energy that helps to clear our stuck emotions and get us back on track to living in alignment with nature and our soul purpose.

Flower essences work on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social.  They are safe for children, pregnant women, the elderly, pets and everyone in between.

We want you to experience the wonderful healing energy of these amazing plant medicines and we look forward to adding more to our range as they come to the light. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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Flower Essences: Mother Nature’s Healing Energy

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Studying naturopathy has been one of my greatest joys and challenges (aside from raising my beautiful and wilful daughters!)  I've had many health problems (some quite serious) and they have all lead me to where I am today - being super passionate about my own health and wellness plus that of my family, friends and clients.  Read more about my journey here.

During this time I discovered flower essences and became a flower essence practitioner, learning from the wonderful Annie Meredith from Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences (the only essences I use except for my own). Flower essences have allowed me to move through some pretty big emotions in a healthy, conscious and even enjoyable way. They’ve given me a level of awareness of myself that I didn’t have prior to using them. I’m a better mother and wife due to the use of flower essences in my life almost daily. I enjoy seeing changes in my girls and husband upon using them. I’ve shared them with friends and family who have also gained the benefits of having these wonderfully healing energy medicines in their lives. So I decided it was time for me to start sharing my blends with more people than just those close to me. How could I not with the results I’ve seen.

I hope that you take something away from my website and socials that will inspire you to keep making the small changes, one small step at a time, towards your own optimal health and wellbeing. I've found over the years that once you start making changes and improving your health, your loved ones want to do the same.  I hope to inspire you so you can inspire your friends and family, then the ripples will spread out like small gentle waves of nurturing and nourishment.

Cassie Hower - Founder of Plants + Passion

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
— Gandhi


“I’ve been using Sleep More/Sleepful Elixir for about two to three weeks , and I am so pleased with the results. When I do wake during the night I fall back to sleep quickly instead of tossing and turning feeling wide awake again. I’ve had trouble sleeping for over forty years. I don’t like taking any form of drugs , but have had to resort to them in the past out of sheer desperation. I am so happy with the calming effect of this natural remedy from Plants + Passion. Thank you.” - Kay.

"I first started taking Plants + Passion's flower essences just over a month ago now and I have found them to be powerful and empowering. I am amazed as to how they have helped me deal with my anxiety and helped me to process things associated with that anxiety. Thanks for your listening ears Cassie and thanks for passionately searching for the right essence for me. I'm thoroughly enjoying my flower essence journey and will no doubt carry one with me always." - Brooke. 

“We have just started using these essences in our house thanks to Cassie and the results so far have been amazing! Cassie is so patient and has such a genuinely caring, empathetic and non-judgmental nature. Her intuition has been spot on for us and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.” - Khai

"Energiser elixir was my saviour today. I didn’t sleep well last night so I used the energiser elixir this morning and put the Stress Less perfume on as well (I really like the perfume too). I felt great all day. My daughter and husband were both a bit flat this afternoon so I gave them the energiser elixir and put the energiser mist on me. I could see an improvement in them within about half an hour. Thank you!” - Dianne