about me


Hi! I’m Cassie and I have a deep passion for natural medicine and health & wellness. I’m a student of Naturopathy and am slowly making my way through a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane, Australia. I started on this journey due to my own health issues stemming from years of immune and gut issues as a teenager and young adult to a breast cancer diagnosis at 34 years of age back in 2012. Birthing my first daughter in 2009 was the start of my journey in search of the real me and the cancer along with the birth of my second daughter in the same year really pushed me to my limits and beyond. I’m grateful for everything this experience has gifted me in my life. Yes it also took some things away but I wouldn’t be where I am today without it and for that I’m very grateful. Thankfully I’m now cancer free after quite an intense period of treatment and am now enjoying a life with abundance in many areas. I have two beautiful daughters who light up my life but also run me ragged! I have a loving husband who is extremely supportive and encouraging of all my dreams and desires. We also have two crazy cats, Buckwheat and Coconut, and hope to have a dog again one day soon.

Along with my part time studies I also work part time for some amazing friends who run a business very much in alignment with my own values and passions, where we supply lots of people around Brisbane with spray free produce at affordable prices (check out Spray Free Farmacy). I’ll be finishing with SFF in June 2019 in order to focus my energy and attention on my studies, business and also my family. Last year I decided to start my own business called Plants + Passion which is where you currently find yourself. I am super passionate about herbal and energy medicine or just plant medicine in general really. We were born to live in alignment with nature so let’s get back to that as much as possible shall we.

I feel so blessed with my second chance at life. I hope some of the things I share here resonate with you or help in some way.