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Flower Essence Elixirs

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Flower Elixirs are wonderful little drops of healing vibrational energy.  How do they work? 

Everything is energy.  Our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts.  Our thoughts and emotions have the power to change the molecular structure of our physical body.

Flower essences carry the energetic imprint of the flower and flowers operate at a higher vibrational energy than we do (generally).  Flowers are the result of a lot of love and energy from the plant, it’s own higher consciousness in a way.  When humans take flower essences, we are allowing our cells to be guided by the flower’s essence towards a higher level of consciousness and greater healing.

Flower essences are generally taken upon rising with the new day and when retiring to bed but can also be taken as needed during the day, especially in moments of stress or crisis. It’s good to tune into what you need in the moment. This helps to create a greater awareness of what you need in the present moment.

Our elixirs are made using the high vibrational Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences (created by Annie Meredith in Mt Nebo, Brisbane), Grain Haven pure spring water (from Mt Tambourine, Queensland), brandy as a preservative and they may also contain locally produced raw honey to bring some sweetness into your life (and make them more palatable for littlies). If you prefer your flower essences with honey, please get in touch and we can add some in.

Our flower essence elixirs come in a 30ml dropper bottle and are taken internally, although they can also be dropped into baths or rubbed on the body.  However, we would recommend our natural perfumes, face serums or body oils for body use as they’re just nicer to use in that way! Flower essences contain no active constituents (remember they’re energy medicine) therefore are safe for children, during pregnancy, the elderly and even your pets.



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What do you get when you combine flower essences and essential oils?  A super blend of healing plant fabulousness that will delight your senses and enhance your daily life.  The Plants + Passion Mists are created with a holistic experience in mind.  The essential oils used help to expand your experience with the flower essences and we formulate them to work synergistically together.

Spray them around your body and space at the start of the day, whenever you’re drawn to them during the day and when reflecting at the end of each day.

Our mists use a combination of energy healing flower essences from the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences range, divine smelling organic and/or therapeutic grade essential oils for olfactory stimulation, Grail Haven pure spring water and a small amount of either vodka, ethanol or natural solubiliser which acts as a preservative and to emulsify the oils, essences and water.

Our mists come in a 50ml spray bottle or a 100ml spray bottle.


Custom Blends, Consultations and Packs 

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Custom Blends and Consultations

Custom blends with consultation are available as are consultations for single flower essences. We find that prescribing a single flower essence is helpful to address one main issue and a blend will help support the changes being made.  Custom blends will help address numerous issues at once but not as intensely or quickly as a single essence. If you’d prefer a more personalised approach then please get in touch so we can discuss your needs and work out where to go from there. We love working with our clients on an individual and more personalised basis.  


Our flower elixirs and mists complement each other plus they work in synergy together.  We recommend buying the elixirs and mists in the same blends so that they’re packing more of an energetic punch in working together but you can mix and match if you prefer. We would just recommend using them at different times of the day if you do or ask us which ones would work well together before buying (spraying our Energiser Mist at night whilst dosing some Sleepful Elixir might be a bit counterproductive!)

Get in touch if you would like a pack and we’ll put together a deal for you. Packs coming to our online shop soon.


Other Collections


Coming soon to help with your healing and beauty regimes

Natural Perfumes

Our natural perfumes contain none of those awful chemicals you find in conventional perfumes which are hormone and mood disrupting.  They’re purely organic in the sense of the word.  Only flower essences, essential oils and carrier oils, all pure, natural and organic.  No sprays or pesticides are used in the making of any of our products.  Simply roll onto your wrists, neck or wherever you desire and know that you’re treating your body with the love and care it deserves.  We like to include flower essences in our natural perfumes because that’s how we roll!  We think that flower essences help us to balance our emotions in a helpful way throughout the day so why not get an extra bit in there when you can while smelling amazing.

Our natural perfumes come in a 10ml amber roller bottle.

Face Serums & Body Oils

Our face serums and body oils are also pure, natural and organic.  The carrier oils we use are certified organic Jojoba and Camellia.  Our essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade or certified organic.  Our flower essences (and the plants they are derived from) are also grown using natural methods with no sprays or pesticides.

The face serums are wonderful to use instead of a moisturiser.  Oil is a wonderful cleanser too so you can wet your face, rub the oil in and then gently remove with a microfibre cloth.  We also recommend using a konjac sponge when cleaning your face and body, coming to our store soon.

Men’s Range

It will be hard to go past our men’s range which will include beard oil, beard balm and natural aftershave.  Again, these products don’t contain any harsh chemicals which can disrupt hormones and moods.  In fact, what they do contain are the beautiful plant medicines, flower essences and essential oils, along with carrier oils.  Your man (or you!) will receive the healing energetic benefits whilst at the same arousing the senses of that special person in their life.  Flower essences can help us to release blocked emotions and create the life we want to live whilst essential oils stimulates olfactory senses.  Who doesn’t want some of that whilst smelling amazing!

Our beard oil comes in a 50ml pump bottle, our beard balm comes in a 50ml glass jar and our aftershave comes in a 10ml roller bottles just like our natural perfumes. Roll onto the face and neck. Oily hands free application!


Our bath salts contain all the ingredients needed to put the finishing touches needed on your self care time. Epsom salts (to aid those detox pathways) or magnesium flakes (magnesium is one of the most needed minerals in the body as it’s used for 100s of functional processes), bicarb soda to help drive that wonderful magnesium into the cells where it can be used effectively, organic or pure essential oils, flower essences (of course!!) and dried herbs to bring the whole picture together. Treat yourself or someone you love with a healing energy bath. Add some candles and a cup of our herbal tea and you’re on your way to bliss! If you don’t have a bath or time for a full bath then these will also be very effective used in a foot bath.

Herbal Tea

We will be creating herbal tea blends and love experimenting in using different herbs in this gentle way.  We love herbal medicine and herbal teas are a wonderful way for you to gain the benefits at home in a quick and soothing way. Using herbal tea as a medicine is an empowering way to be looking after your own health.

Konjac Sponges

Have you ever used a Konjac Sponge?  We love them for our face and body cleansing.  They’re a lovely addition to any natural beauty regime and we recommend using a Konjac Sponge to cleanse before using our face serum and body oil.  The Konjac Sponge will cleanse your pores, remove dead skin cells and allow the oil to penetrate even deeper.  Then the flower essences within the serum and oils will be doing their healing energy clearing in no time!