Energiser Elixir

Energiser Elixir



Our Energy Elixir was created to help bring more of the energy you need in your life to fulfil your dreams and desires (or just to get stuff done!)  Sometimes that may mean you start listening to your body more and take that nap you need or go for a walk instead of pushing through.  This will create the energy you need in your life!

How this may help you or a loved one:

  • Opens creative channels

  • Lets your star shine

  • Cleanses and reclaims

  • Clarifies boundaries

  • Emotional freedom

  • Wild woman essence

  • Re-energises

  • Assists in feeling protected

  • Move through physical and emotional blocks

  • Grants courage, assists in pain

  • Balances and gives confidence

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Dosage: Take 7 drops twice daily, upon rising and retiring (put them on your beside table) or alternatively take 5 drops 5 times a day (carry them with you).

Ingredients: Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences, Grail Haven pure spring water, crystal essences, small amount of brandy as preservative, raw local honey (on request).

Flower Essences: Black Nightshade, Cassia, Dandelion, Lomandra, Morning Glory, Snail Vine, Swamp Lily