Back to School Packs

Back to School Packs

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Support your kids’ emotional health with our back to school packs.

There are a number of pack options, click the drop down menu below. If you decide you want to mix and match blends then we’ll get in touch after you’ve placed your order to find out which blends you’d like or help you in making a decision if you need some guidance.

Choose the size (10ml roller, 50ml or 100ml mist), quantity and add to cart. You will then have the option of choosing which blend you’d like. If you’d like more information on each blend and their benefits, visit the individual blend pages listed below.

If you’re unsure on which blend and want a no fuss option, then I’d recommend either Calmer, Brain Boost or a combination of both, depending on scent preference for the mist/roller.

Calmer / Calmer Mist

Energiser / Energiser Mist

Sleepful / Sleepful Mist

Protect & Cleanse / Protect & Cleanse Mist

Brain Boost / Brain Boost Mist

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